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PPGICS | Pós-Graduação:Informação e Comunicação em Saúde

Programa de Pós-Graduação em Informação e Comunicação em Saúde

Início do conteúdo

Corpo Docente

Carlos José Saldanha Machado

Researcher in Public Health, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz); professor, graduate programs in Biodiversity and Health (PPGBS/IOC), Health Information and Communication (PPGICS/ICICT), Fiocruz, and Graduate Program in the Environment, State University of Rio de Janeiro (PPG-MA/UERJ). CNPq productivity grant for research on environmental sciences and a member of the CNPq Consultant Committee in Engineering and Environmental Sciences (CA-CA) (2014-2018). Chair, Research Group MEANDROS – Interdisciplinary Studies on Health and Environmental Science, Technology, and Health and Public Policies. Bachelor’s in Social Sciences (1985), with a written monograph on the role of the alternative press under the Brazilian military dictatorship post-1964. MA, Science and Technology Policy, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1992), having written a pioneering dissertation on Bruno Latour’s anthropology of science and technique. PhD, Social Anthropology University Paris V – Social Sciences, Sorbonne (1998), having written a thesis on the dynamics of Tropical Ecology scientific life in the Brazilian Amazon. He develops activities in Sociology, with emphasis on social studies of science and public policies on health and the environment. His career began with work in the Eastern Amazon for the Group for Action and Research Targeting Extractivism Regions (GUAPORE) non-governmental organization (NGO) as well as for the State Institute of Forests of the State of Rondonia (IEF-RO), conducting research (1986-1988) on the modes of appropriation of and approaches to the management of natural resources. His current research projects focus on subjects related to health and environmental science, technology and innovation policies, hybridization in scientific work, the scientific knowledge production regimen, the international biodiversity regimen, and climate change and its national implementation. He has created the following projects at Fiocruz: 2005 – Mobile Science: Life and Health for All, a traveling museum on a truck that carries exhibitions, games, interactive equipment, multimedia resources, workshops, and other activities to municipalities in Southeastern Brazil (; and 2007 – the fifth bilingual (English/Portuguese, Portuguese/English) scientific journal RECIIS - Electronic Journal of Communication, Information & Innovation in Health (

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