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PPGICS | Pós-Graduação:Informação e Comunicação em Saúde

Programa de Pós-Graduação em Informação e Comunicação em Saúde

Início do conteúdo

Academic staff

The PPGICS Coordinator and the Assistant Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Health Information and Communication are selected by the Icict director from among PPGICS faculty members and Icict permanent staff members with recognized achievements in the PPGICS field. 

Coordinator: Dr. Igor Pinto Sacramento

Assistant Coordinator: 

Contact: Contact Us (ppgics@icict.fiocruz.br)

Directors, Institute of Scientific and Technological Communication and Information in Health

Director: Rodrigo Murtinho de Martinez Torres

Assistant Director of Research, Teaching and Technological Development: Christovam Barcellos

Assistant Director of Information and Communication: Tânia Santos

Assistant Director of Institutional Development: Jacques Sochaczewski

Teaching Assistant: Katia Lerner e Monica Magalhães



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