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PPGICS | Pós-Graduação:Informação e Comunicação em Saúde

Programa de Pós-Graduação em Informação e Comunicação em Saúde

Início do conteúdo



The master’s degree program requires the successful completion of compulsory common core classes, with at least three optional classes and the following program activities: interdisciplinary seminars I and II, portfolio sessions, teacher training and collective evaluations.


Doctoral Degree

The aim of the doctoral degree program is to provide broad and deep scientific and cultural training in conducting original research in the health information and communication field and for teaching in primarily graduate but also undergraduate education.



Icict is a technical-scientific unit of Fiocruz. It develops teaching, research and services that generate knowledge, products and innovations with the aim of strengthening the Unified Health System (Sistema Único de Saúde - SUS). PPGICS, which is registered in the interdisciplinary area, is offered by Icict.


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